If there is anything you’re unsure of when creating your cookbook, one of our FAQs might be able to help.

If you don’t find what you need here, please contact us on cookbook@food24.com.

I’ve placed my order, when will I get it?

Depending on where you are in South Africa, your order can take between 5-15 working days to reach you. You will receive a tracking number from our couriers that will let you track your cookbook’s delivery progress in real time. 

How can I see where my order is?

Once your order is complete, you can log back into the Cookbook Creator and select Track My Order from your profile. You will then be able to see the current status of your order. If your order is out for delivery, you can use your courier tracking number to see where your order is on it’s way to you. 

I don’t have 6 recipes to upload, can I upload fewer?

You’ll need to gather some recipes from family and friends to fill out all 6 available slots, as they are all required should you wish to include your own recipes. 

What recipes will be added in place if I don’t upload any?

If you decide to not add your own recipes, no problem! We’ll add another 6 exciting recipes from McCain to fill up your cookbook.

Will you check my book for mistakes before printing?

Your recipes and information will be printed exactly as you supply them, with no extra checks carried out on your cookbook before printing, so it’s important to make sure you’re happy with everything up front. Please make sure to do a quick check over all your recipes and images before completing your order, as whatever is submitted to us will be printed in your book.

I want to order 3 of the same book, how can I do this?

Each copy of your book will need to be a new order. When completing the first order, you can log in to your profile and select Re-Order, which will then allow you to order another copy of your cookbook. This will need to be done for each new copy you’d like to order. 

I want to order 2 different books, how can I do this?

In order to create two different books, you will need to follow the Cookbook Creator steps for each version you’d like to create and order. To do so, create one version, complete the order, and start again to create a new version.

How do I get a code to get my book for free?

In order to stand a chance to win your cookbook for free, you will need to follow the simple steps which you can read more about here.

Can I get more than one voucher for a free book?

For every two qualifying McCain products you purchase, you stand a chance to win 1 of 2500 printed copies of your cookbook. Simply Whatsapp a photo of your till slip to 066 412 1584.

I haven’t received my order, please help!

If you have any delays or issues with your cookbook being delivered to you, please contact us on cookbook@food24.com and we can assist you in tracking down your cookbook. 

Can I get a cookbook shipped outside of South Africa?

You won’t be able to order your cookbook to be delivered outside of South Africa, but you will receive a downloadable PDF version of your cookbook that you can share with family and friends around the world.

My family loves a recipe from somewhere else on the internet, perhaps a well-known TV chef’s, and I cook it often. Can I add this one as my own recipe?

Any of the recipes you add to your cookbook should be your own special recipes, but if you do decide to take inspiration from someone else, we take no responsibility for any copyright content you may use.

If I don’t like any of the recipes in the pre-made cookbook, can I send it back and choose one of the other ones?

The recipes in the pre-made cookbooks were handpicked to create a cookbook that will work for your family and your cooking style, and each book is unique, so cannot be exchanged or swapped. 

I don’t have a free voucher, how can I get my cookbook?

If you don’t have a free voucher, you can still order your very own cookbook at a price of R400 excl VAT. This price includes the cost of couriering the book to any location in South Africa.

Can I send my voucher code to a friend or family member so that they can use it to create their own cookbook?

The code you receive to get your cookbook for free is only valid for one transaction and cannot be shared. See the terms and conditions of getting a free voucher here.